Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

James at the clinic

James and his sister Adrianne

Dr Wells, James,and Lisa

Today was a pretty quick day at the clinic. James went in his doctor costume because we are not going trick or treating tonight(I can get away with that right now!) We found out that his liver enzymes have gone back down. His doctor is very puzzled by this so he wants us to see a liver specialist. I ask him if I should worry--he said "let us worry about it right now".
We left the clinic knowing his hemoglobin and platelets were fine. I just got off the phone with Lisa and James' ANC is 290. They are holding all his medicines for a week where we will recheck his counts. James is very susceptible to fever since he has very little to fight with.
Please pray for James-that he will be free from fever, that we can resume chemo next week, and that the liver specialist can tell us whats going on with his liver. Thank you!


Lorren said...

That clown outfit! I love it! James' expression in the first picture is pure joy.

Michelle Davis Head said...

Hope you had a Happy Halloween. They are both so precious!

stephanie said...

great costumes on the kiddos...and love the expression on his face with his doctors. such a handsome young doctor (patient)!