Sunday, October 7, 2007

We are not alone

This was the first weekend without Nana. Boy what a difference a Nana makes. We dearly miss her encouragement and assistance, and we feel blessed to have had her be available as long as she was able. While feeling slightly overwhelmed, this weekend has proved to be okay. We have had a couple family walks around the neighborhood, run some errands to not-so-crowded places, kept up with household chores and entertained our children all the while. Woo! At times, we forget that James is neutropenic, but today we were reminded how quickly illness can strike when his neutrophils are low. He started the day waking up 1.5 hours later than usual. Great, some might think. But, this is really out of the ordinary. Then after taking in his morning milk, he promptly threw up. He really wasn't the same vibrant little boy today and despite us taking his temperature approximately 20 times, he did not have a fever. Praise God! We anticipate that we will be in the hospital sometime between now and January 15. Today just felt too soon. So, maybe he's fighting something, maybe he was mourning Nana's departure, maybe he was just tired today. It will likely be a guessing game each time, which is quite frustrating as concerned parents. Ultimately, I think that we will have to trust our instincts regardless of what the thermometer says.

Joy will be home alone all day with James and Adrianne starting tomorrow. Considering that I work late at the beginning of the week, and with James potentially not feeling well, this will likely be a challenge. I have such faith in Joy and her capacity to continue to be a wonderful, loving, and available mother and wife. Please pray for her as this new phase of care begins.

We continue to be blessed by the multitude of friends and family that provide food, lawn mowing, finances, a listening ear, and prayer. We truly don't know how we would manage without this support. Most of all, you have helped us feel close to the Community of Believers when we have been unable to participate in corporate worship. We miss church and know that it will be sometime in late January (at the earliest) that we can get back to church. We are so family-oriented too, and it has been so hard not being able to attend games and other events. Most of all, we know that this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be just our little 'ol family. While that's going to be challenge, we know that there are so many who have so much less. So, we are so grateful for the abundance of love that continues to be poured out. Thank you.

Our most recent prayer requests:
1. James will stave off fever and remain protected from bacteria and viruses that can make him sick.
2. Joy and I will remain well to best care for both children.
3. Joy and I would have discernment about how to best juggle work, potential hospital trips, and child care.
4. Joy will feel peace when managing child care, medicines, and household maintenance alone (during the day) for the first time on Monday.

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Rebecca said...

So are not alone...and what a comfort. Joy, I am Gage's mom, and we are on such a similar journey right now. Please know that I will be praying for you tomorrow as you juggle the needs, emotions and energy of you kids. I'll pray that you have the wisdom to know how to love each child at each moment during the day, that you'll rely on the Lord for the strength and wisdom you'll need, that you'll finish the day feeling like you spent your time & energy well...and that you'll rest in the fact that it's the Lord who holds all things together. Again, such comfort...the Lord holds together James' body, your family, your marriage and so much more during these exhausting, emotional and trying days. Hang in there.