Thursday, October 4, 2007


We went to the clinic yesterday and had a good visit. The doctors are pleased with how James looks. We were able to get some of his counts before we left and they all looked good-hemoglobin good, platelets good, white blood cell count had gone down but it was OK. We also found out that James liver enzymes went down and so they were pleased(thanks for praying). They attributed the increase to the antibiotic he was on so next week we start a new antibiotic by IV that he will receive every 2 weeks. We also got a picture of what his next phase will looked like and I have to say I was a little discouraged-so I won't say anymore because it is still a ways off but you can begin praying for us.

When we got home the doctor called with his ANC count. It showed that his neutrophils were 750 which labels James as neutropenic. That means if he gets a fever then its an emergency. it also means that we will be confined once again to our house and having to limit visitors. So our big prayer requests is--Pray for James that he will be protected from viruses and bacteria so that we can continue along with his treatment. Also pray that his ANC would stay the same or go higher--if it drops more they will reduce his chemo thus causing a delay in treatment.

Pray for us tomorrow-we put Nana on a plane to head back to Tennessee. We are so grateful to her and her help and know that she will be back soon. James will definitely miss his Nana!


Michael and Jana said...

Being neutropenic really stinks! I am praying that the next phase of treatment will come and go quickly for your sweet little one. Please feel free to ask whatever questions as you come closer. I would love to help someone's road be smoother, if that is even possible.

Praying diligently,

Kathryn said...

Praying for that neutrophil count to go up, up, up. Also praying for as you adjust to Nana being gone...what a blessing it has been having her there!