Monday, October 22, 2007

A Trip to the Hospital

For the last five days, James has been on steroids and with that comes nasty side effects. On Friday after Greg got home he was playing with James and they were having a great time. Greg went to pick him up and James threw himself back and hit his head on the tile. We watched him and he seemed fine. On Saturday he was acting more tired than usual and didn't have much of an appetite. We debated all day whether to call MDA or not. We finally decided to call around 6:30pm and explained all the symptoms. At 8pm the doctor called us back and she happened to ask--has he hit his head? Greg said yes-On Friday but he seemed fine. We truly thought he was OK but the doctor wanted us to bring him in to make sure. So about 9:30pm we head to MDA. Greg's parents were already at our house because we had gone to dinner with some friends. We get there, they check him out and take some blood. His counts looked great and the doctor attributed his symptoms to the effects of steroids. So we pulled up in our driveway at 2am. We were all exhausted but I am glad we got it checked out. We head tot he clinic on Wednesday for our regular appointment. James finished the steroids yesterday and has already begun to return to our sweet boy.

I do have to say-it never ends. This morning(Monday) during the storm the tree in our front yard decided to fall across our driveway barely missing our house--things wouldn't be normal without something going on:)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Lily fell off of my bed earlier in the summer, and started throwing up about 2 hrs after that (we were in the car - lovely!!!) She kept complaining of her neck hurting, so we rushed her to the emergency room. We waited 5 hrs and she threw up the whole time. When they finally saw us, of course she was perfectly fine. They said she had a minor concussion. What in the world? They sent us home and that was that. They told us that if she ever hit her head again, to wait about 5-6 hrs., b/c she will most likely throw up. If it continues after that, then go have it checked out. What the heck????? Anyway....sorry for the long post! Hang in there!!!:)

Michael and Jana said...

It seems MDA has a much more efficient Emergency Department (if that exists in the ED). I am so glad you didn't have to stay and that James is back to himself. Joshua took his last dose last night and was still sluggish and moody today. Here's hoping tomorrow is calm for both our families.