Friday, October 19, 2007

Steriod Crazed

Well we are right in the middle of James' 5 days of steroids and it is everything they promise it will be. The waking up in the middle of the night 5 or 6 times screaming, the walking around whining as you are trying to figure out what he wants, and the constant attention that he wants because he doesn't feel well all the while I am trying to take care of another baby. The positive is we only have 5 more doses to complete this round. Please pray for us because sometimes I find myself getting really frustrated and wanting to scream and then I remember-he has leukemia and he doesn't feel good and most importantly-this is just a season and we will move through it.

We covet your prayers-they lift us up and provide us with every ounce of strength we need.


Michael and Jana said...

Man, steroids suck. I've never seen a kid eat and whine so much as Joshua has during that time. For what it's worth, during the last year all Joshua wanted during that time were packages of crackers shaped like airplanes that you get on Southwest Airlines. Go figure.

stephanie said...

Hang in there! Wish I could do more than pray!

Anonymous said...

Joy and Greg,
My heart goes out to you! Hang in there -- you are awesome parents and I know you are doing your very best! Praying for you every day!


Rachel said...

I have nothing, absolutely nothing to complain about. Your Blog always makes me pray for your sweet family, and makes me count my blessings. I pray for strength for you and Greg. I pray for healing for James. I pray for patience for you. I wish I could be there to help. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you! I mean it!